Our website's policy might be centered around freedom, we do have some basic rules. You can read them at the following locations.

Our old FAQ is still up for reading below here, but we advise you to just check out the board.


  1. Introduction
    1. What kind of game is this?

      This is a roleplaying game. You might have heard of Dungeon & Dragons or perhaps Tabletop Roleplaying, the two are similar to what we do. This game is based on what all the players write together. Everyone gets to have their own original character and write his/her story. This can be done in a lot of ways, even with other players.

    2. How do I play this game?

      Basically, you write everything your character thinks, feels and does. It's like writing a story altogether, really! Our forums contain a seperate category dedicated to roleplaying where our own version of Hyrule, Termina, Subrosia and the Great Ocean are divided into forums, subfora and finally topics. Obviously, you write by posting in the topic where your character is.

    3. How can I play this game with others?

      By posting together in turns. You can conversate with other players, travel with them or go on a quest with a full party! You're the writer, you think of whatever you feel like doing!

    4. What are the most important rules?

      We have a special category on the forums labeled "Rules". There are plenty of topics there that will explain our system.

    5. Where do I start?

      We understand the amount of information offered is quite a lot at first. If you take it one by one you'll find that it's in fact quite easy. We strive to be as clear as we can in any of our topics. If you still have a question, you can ask it in the subforum labeled "Help".

  2. Creating a Character
    1. How can I create a character?

      Simple, by using your imagination! It's your party, and the only limit is your own creativity. You start by checking out our application guide to see what we expect from you, and you create your character according to the application form. It should be stated that we expect original characters, and won't accept clones of already existing characters,

    2. Where can I create a character?

      Once you've filled out the application form and are satisfied with the properties of your character, you make a new topic in the application forum and post it there. Eventually, an admin will come along and tell you what to do next.

    3. Where can I find some examples to look at?

      You can find a sub-forum called "Accepted applications" in the application forum. All the applications that were deemed worthy enough to get accepted are placed there, and you can see them as examples of what we'd like to see. Go check it out, there are some jewels among them.

    4. When will my application be checked?

      The admins are human too, and are doing this as a mere hobby. Since they have lives, don't except them to be online 24 hours a day. They will eventually get around to checking your application, so have some patience.

    5. How do I know my application will be approved?

      Once you comply with all the requirements set by the application form and the admins, your character will get accepted. No sooner. Do note that you have to repost your entire application once you change something; don't edit!

  3. Posting (in the roleplaying boards)
    1. In what topic should I post?

      Your character starts at the town or place that you stated in your application. From there, you can have it travel to other places.

    2. How do I write a post?

      You start by simply clicking on the topic that is named after the area where your character currently is. Once it has loaded, and you've read what's going on in that particular area, you click on the "Add post" button at the bottom of the page. An empty form will then load. This is were you write your post and describe what your character does, feels and thinks. Once you're done, you press on the "Add reply"-button. Your post will then show up in the topic for others to read.

    3. How can I go from one place to another?

      Each area connects to certain other areas.This means that you can only travel to places that connect directly to the area where your character currently is. For example, if you wish to go from Hyrule Castle Town to Death Mountain, you'll have to travel via Hyrule Field and Kakariko Village first. If you're not sure what area connects to what, read the first post in the topic made by the storyteller. It is recommended to state where your character is coming from and where it is going next.
      Also, we have a world map which you can look at here.

    4. Are there any special rules for the content of the post?

      There are. First of all, we want to see some creativity in your posts. Posts that simply state "and then he went and did this and that" won't cut it; we want detailed descriptions. Try to imagine yourself how your character would react to things, and what he or she would think and do. Have your character interact with others and the environment surrounding it. Be creative and descriptive. Second, we want to see posts of considerable length. Now, that doesn't mean you have to make an entire essay of each post, but something longer than a few sentences would be appreciated.

    5. Do you have a world map?

      Yes, we do! In fact, you can view it right here!

  4. Posting (in the other boards)
    1. Where can I find your netiquette?

      We don't have a specific set netiquette, since we handle the universal netiquette. That means no flaming, spamming, harassment or other improper behaviour. We would also like you to note that this is an all-ages board, and that the excessive use of smilies and instant messaging-language is frowned upon.

  5. The community
    1. Where should I introduce myself to the other members?

      There is a special topic to introduce yourself in the non-roleplay forum "Navi"; leave a message there if you wish to introduce yourself!

    2. Where can I find someone to roleplay with?

      We have an entire topic devoted to this question in the non-roleplay forum "Navi". Drop a line there to see if someone would like to roleplay with you.

    3. Where can I submit my own tips for other (new) players?

      You can add a topic with your tips in the non-roleplay forum "Tael".

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